Saturday, July 28, 2012

Golden Dreams - step 7 - JA project for July

This summer is going by so fast...July has just about passed me up but I was determined not to let it go by without completing step 7 of my jewel-aholic anonymous challenge. If you missed my original JA 12-step program post with a challenge to myself, you can find it here.

When I think of July I can't help but be reminded of American patriotism. Independence day celebrations have past but we still have some pride as a country to celebrate with the Olympics going on.

So in honor of America and the Olympics
I chose to make this piece for my July JA project.

I sorted through my stash of jewels for quite awhile not sure of
what I wanted to make until I found this medallion and pin.

I used a fine tip marker to outline where the pin would be on the medallion and then quickly placed my lettering. I wasn't worried about making the lettering perfect since it was just a reference point.

 I used metal stamps to emboss the words "GOLDEN DREAMS" and added five dots at the top to tie in with the five Olympic rings.

I filled in the lettering with black pen. Some of the gold finish flaked off the medallion when I stamped the letters so I applied a little gold paint - not to completely cover - I wanted to keep an aged look. The gold also aged the black on the lettering which I liked. I let it dry and then applied Renaissance wax to protect the finish. I also drilled a hole so the pin would fit flush against the medallion.

Finally, I cut the back off the pin and glued it into place.

Now I have my own personal gold metal! Not to award myself for anything but to remind myself that my dreams can turn
into golden opportunities if I just follow them!

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JA (Jewel-aholics Anonymous) projects.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Experiment in Rust

It's no secret I love old, imperfect rusty treasures.
Of course, most people would refer to my treasures as junk!

There are many tutorials on how to speed up the rusting process on metals containing iron and they definitely work great.

But what about plastic, wood, paper and,
well, basically any surface? Can they be rusted?

Believe it or not, they can!
Not faux rust. Actual rust!

These pieces are made of plastic.

Modern Masters Iron Paint actually contains iron and once you paint it on your piece it can rust naturally over time or you can instantly create rust with the Modern Masters Rust Activator.

I decided to experiment with several
different types of materials and objects.

canvas and paper
(I embellished the canvas with fiber ribbon and the paper with lace.)

fabrics and lace



and a few other assorted materials
(cork, wood, shell & a blob of cured resin)

I painted each object with the iron paint and let them dry completely.
(I covered some pieces completely and spot painted a few.)

Then I brushed the activator over each piece. After five minutes I applied another coat of the activator. Within a few minutes the rust began appearing and after awhile this is what I had.

The aqua fabric that I spot painted turned out kinda cool.

I loved the effect on the canvas and paper.

And the resin blob is pretty interesting. A larger blob might look cool with a vintage photo showing through the back...hmmm....must remember that idea!

Since I will most likely be incorporating these objects into jewelry I thought it would be best to seal the finish with Renaissance wax.

And since I was just experimenting anyway, I decided to
rub a few of the rusty objects with some Gilders Paste
to add even more interest to the patina.

I definitely had fun with this experiment and will be doing more.

I also purchased the Modern Masters Bronze Paint Effect but didn't realize that it takes a different activator so I will need to get some of the correct activator before I can experiment with it.

I'll be sure to share my results...good, bad or ugly!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butterfly Specimen

This necklace is one of my latest creations as an ICE Resin® Creative Team designer. When I showed it to my Hubby he asked if it
was a real butterfly so I guess my design was successful!

It's very easy to make.

I first cut a butterfly image from the Belles Dames Francaise flip book and used Modge Podge to adhere it to a plexi-glass circle.

Then I stamped a swirling dot design onto
a second plexi-glass circle using black Staz-On ink.

I placed the plexi-glass pieces into a round staple bezel with
the butterfly and stamping on the inside and used
pliers to crimp the staples holding everything into place.

I then showcased the butterfly pendant
between a couple of decorative corset clasp connectors.

For the neck cord, I added some pretty blue and pink organza ribbons and wrapped them with copper wire in a couple of places.

To finish it off I added one of my
handcrafted copper hook and eye clasps.

Every now and then I create with a little
bit of fluff and femininity...I am a girl after all!


Monday, July 16, 2012

A Creation from Friendships

Quite a while back my friend, Cathy from Ma Vie Trouvee posted about winning a "workbench stash" from Linda at Objects & Elements. Cathy had pictures of some of the items and talked about how she might design with them. There was an awesome metal disk with a "K" on it and she talked about covering up the "K". Of course, with my name being Kathy with a "K", I jokingly commented to Cathy with a "C" that I personally loved the "K". Cathy immediately emailed me and said she wanted to send me the piece. Really?! How lucky was I?! A few days later I received the piece along with some other fun trinkets all wrapped up in these super cute packages.

 As luck would have it a couple of weeks later
I won a "workbench stash" from Linda.

I combined the "K" with some of the stash goodies
and came up with a fun "Creation from Friendships".
(The only items I supplied were the neck cord and copper wire.)

I attached the "K" to a strip of metal with rivets. I drilled holes in the top and attached a metal spring. I drilled another hole at the bottom to attach a couple of dangling pieces.

I'm so happy with the way this piece turned out.
Thank you Cathy and Linda 
for providing great inspirational items
and especially for your generosity!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Competition

Look at what my Hubby created!
Yes! You read that Hubby!

An amazing necklace!

And gorgeous earrings to match!

 Should I be worried? I think I should!

I'm kinda afraid that he just might take over my studio.
Not really...he assures me this is a one and only for him.

Why did he make these beautiful pieces?

His work has a fund raiser for a charity every year and I usually create and donate jewelry. However, this year I was swamped with projects so Hubby took on the challenge and I must say, he did a fabulous job!

The design and work is all his. I gave him a few suggestions and a quick lesson in wire working and then left the studio and let him soar!

I made a sign for his display at the charity event. His name is Rick but at work he is often referred to as Ricardo so it seemed appropriate to label his work the Ricardo Collection.

Pretty impressive work from Hubby!

I may just have to head out to his woodworking shop and see what I can create in his world! Or then again...maybe not!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fabulous Fibers

I've recently discovered how fun it is to incorporate fibers into my jewelry and mixed media art projects so imagine how excited I was to be the lucky winner of these fabulous fibers! 

They were a generous gift from
Kathleen at Modern Nature Studios

I love the blacks and grays. The pom pom fringe is super fun!

The creams are always a favorite of mine.

 Of course, the purples, blues and greens are gorgeous too!

I can't wait to use them!

Thanks, Kathleen!

I hope you will hop over to Kathleen's blog 
and check out some of her beautiful jewelry creations.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jewelry Affaire x 2

I'm so excited to have - not just one - but two articles
published in the summer issue of Jewelry Affaire!

Notice the "from SHOES to JEWELS" caption on the cover?
That's one of my features... not exactly a cover photo
but it's as close as I've ever been!

The "Shoes to Jewels" article features designs from my
"A Girl and Her Shoes" series which include,

Remember my salt & pepper shaker necklace?
It also has a feature in the article "Shake It Up".

This is the first time I've had my work featured in Jewelry Affaire
and I have to say I'm pleased with both articles. It's such
a beautiful magazine! I had the good fortune of meeting
Beth Livesay, the managing editor of Jewelry Affaire,
earlier this year at an art camp retreat and she is just the
nicest person! Thanks, Beth, for adding my designs alongside
the beautiful work of so many talented jewelry designers!

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