About Me

About Me – professional
Art and design are just a part of me; I can’t think of a time that I didn’t have the desire to create things…pretty much anything and everything!

I’ve been a florist; designing silk and fresh floral arrangements. I was the author/designer of over thirty step-by-step books featuring silk floral arranging, published by Hot Off The Press, Inc.

I’ve been a faux finisher; creating custom textural wall treatments. My work was featured in several local Tour of Homes events.

About four years ago I tried my hand at creating jewelry and discovered that I absolutely loved it! I’m self-taught…a result of much trial and error and learning to turn some of those uh-oh moments into ah-ha moments!

My work has been featured in several jewelry trade publications; including Belle Armoire, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Jewelry Affaire, GreenCraft, Step by Step Wire Jewelry and Stringing.

I was a member of the 2011-2012 ICE Resin® Creative Team.

About Me - personal
I’ve been married for 32 years and have two sons.

I was born and raised in Oregon. I’m still there and can’t think of a better place to live!

I love to travel…especially to a sunny and warm tropical destination! Mexico seems to be the place I end up the most…it gives me a chance to work on my (very limited) Spanish speaking skills.

I’m an avid tennis player…I play almost everyday! When I can find the time, I enjoy curling up on the sofa on a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee and reading a book.

I enjoy the outdoors and all the activities that go along with it; such as camping, hiking, bicycling and on rare occasions, even fishing. My husband (a devoted fisherman) wishes fishing was at the top of my list!