Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Box It Up - Jewelry Display

I'm very excited to show my jewelry at an in-home party this week, except for one little do I display it? After some thinking, I had formulated an idea and (no surprise here) it required a trip to the thrift stores. Several store hops and a half day later I returned home with an assortment of wooden boxes.

Okay, so I probably bought more than I actually needed but they were so inexpensive and each time I visited another store I would find one I liked just a little bit more! I really scored with these boxes that have pull out drawers. The large box (that once held silverware) was a great find and at half off it only cost $3!

My favorite find is this box.
I have no idea what it originally housed but I love its uniqueness!

I adored the rustic charm of the wood boxes but felt like something was needed to liven them up. A few picks from my collection of old tins added just that little bit of needed bling.

My collection of tins began several years ago when my son - also a goodwill hunter - brought home this tin for me (thanks Brandon!) and I've been picking them up
here and there adding to the collection ever since!

A couple of poster frames that I had purchased and covered with black fabric several years ago for a picture board was the perfect solution for displaying earrings. I just pinned strips of ribbon from my stash in horizontal rows across each board and slid my
home crafted earring cards through the ribbon.

A pin between each card was necessary to keep the ribbon from sagging.

The only altering I did on the tins and boxes was to line them with fabric (from the thrift store) wrapped around bubble wrap. Nothing fancy, just taped at the back. My original plan was to paint out the boxes for a more uniform look but with a time restraint and maybe even a little laziness kicking in, I left them as is. It was a good choice - the display has that gathered over time eclectic feel that lends so well with the style of my jewelry.

I added a few busts that I already had and topped off the display with a mirror because every girl wants to check how marvelous she looks and make sure she's chosen
the perfect piece of jewelry for herself!

 How cool is it that I found a crate with a lid that says

The picture frame - that I converted into my sign - along with the mirror, wood stand, and the wire rack that holds some of the publications my work is featured in were also thrift store finds! Did I mention I love thrift store treasure hunting!!

Happy Creating!


  1. This looks great! What beautiful jewelry!

  2. Wow! Looks wonderful! I love using vintage for displays...I'm sure you'll do great with this!!

  3. Everything looks GORGEOUS! I love all the displays and the jewelry! It's funny, I bought an old silverware box years ago to store my jewelry in...we must be related!!

  4. Gorgeous display... love how you put it all together. The magazine holder is perfect too!

  5. Well and cleverly done! And your jewelry is beautiful. Best wishes on gangbuster sales!

  6. Your favorite box looks like it may have held science lab microscope slides. Love the use of silverware box!

    1. That is exactly what it is...and those wooden ones are fairly expensive. I have several of them that I have my slides in...but really want to use them for my jewelry! ;-)
      Marie in Nebraska

  7. it looks awesome. Thank you so much sharing and for linking up to our party Show and Share this week! Come on back this Wednesday to link up your current projects.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  8. Love the cameo necklace! Thanks for stopping by our blog :) Robin at 2 Vintage Sisters

  9. I -love- your blog! So glad I found you, and just noticed that you too, are on Oregonian! Yay!


  10. Your ideas are fabulous!!! I do wish that there was I way that I could save your photos to Pinterest, so that I can find them when I want the inspiration! Plus, that would give you more exposure. Is there a way to pin this???

    Thanks so much!



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