Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edward Scissorhands

A few years back my youngest son, Brandon, made this costume for Halloween. He won a couple of contests that year!

Brandon - thrift store junkie like myself - found about everything needed to make his costume at the thrift stores. He started with a black leather jacket that was too large. He got out the sewing machine and fixed that problem. The black leather pants were almost too tight but he managed to squeeze into them, (what's a little discomfort when you have an awesome costume!) He refashioned several belts into the jacket adornments.

Brandon doesn't settle for average so he amped it up one more notch with the scissorhands. He cut out individual scissor shapes from very thin plywood, painted them and attached them to black leather gloves. The really cool thing is though, that he attached all the scissors to a working mechanism so that he could actually move them (together or individually) with his that's amazing! I know I'm his mom but still...amazing!!

He did his own make-up and finished off the look with a wig. Now that's about as close as anyone can get to the real Edward!

Happy Halloween!


  1. That costume is truly a work of art! There are a few costume cotests out there - one is by writer Kim Harrison. You should check it out so even more folks get to see his creation.

  2. That is the coolest costume I have ever seen! I am pinning this one. :)

  3. okok I looked at the picture before reading and thought oh..its Edward...but no..its Brandon!! Wow..that is one amazing costume!!Hugs,Cat

  4. Wow, you are right...this really is an awesome costume...he is very talented!

  5. That is an awesome costume! I know where he gets his talent from! Have a happy and safe Halloween!


  6. That is FANTASTIC. Your son has some awesome skills :D It's great to see some truly awesome costumes, where extra attention has been given to the details--it really makes the difference!

  7. AMAZING costume! It is clear to see that apple did not fall far from the tree on creativity. You have to be very proud!

  8. UNbeLIEVEable! i hope you could hear the intonations in that. this is flipping amazing, and should win any contest, ever. hands-er, scissors, down!

  9. How cool is that!!! We work with some of the biggest costume designers in the world and I have to say...VERY impressive. I love the art of creating from found and cast-off items. Your son did an excellent job!!! You have every right to be proud!!!

    Plus, who doesn't LOVE that genre...hmmm...


  10. Very, Very nice! xD l0ve it to death!


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