Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rule Breaking Thrift Store Finds

I have this thrift store shopping rule: Don't buy anything unless it is on the 1/2 off sticker price for the day. I stick to it most of the time but occasionally RULES are made to be BROKEN and today I did just that! These finds were just too juicy to wait for their 1/2 off day.

I thought these old binoculars were pretty cool but I wasn't sure I really needed them...what would I do with them?

Then I discovered the lenses came off...aha!
I could use the lenses in jewelry projects so I paid the $2.99
and assured myself it was a good purchase!

The smaller lenses have writing on them.
and the other one says R.W. TANSILL & CO. - CHICAGO

Here is another item I don't really need and can't use for jewelry projects but it could make a very cool mixed media assemblage/collage piece and it was only $1.99.

It was the carved detail at the top that suckered me in!

I didn't even blink an eye to think as to whether I should pay the full price of $1.99 for this gorgeous brass case. This will definitely show up in one of my jewelry designs!

Love, love, love the curved oval shape and the little mirrored door!

Breaking the Rules Can Be Fun!!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Green!

One of my designs is going green with Green Craft magazine!

is featured in the Autumn 2012 issue of Green Craft Magazine.

This necklace is so easy to make. I just cut the leather flowers from a pair of sandals, embellished them and then wired them onto vintage pearl strands. You can find out more about this necklace here.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Key To The Past

I had never used a die cutting machine until just recently when ICE Resin and Spellbinders partnered up and I was asked to create a few projects using the Grand Calibur machine and some of their dies. It was fun to be given a chance to experiment with it. One of the projects that I've created was featured on the ICE Resin blog yesterday.

Key To The Past

My inspiration for this piece came from the smallest die in the
Labels Fourteen series. It reminded me of a keyhole.

I first used the 2nd largest die in the set to cut the shape out of thin copper sheet  and then added a keyhole with the smallest die in the lower portion. I then folded the piece into half and added a patina to enrich the color of the copper and to give it some age. I placed an image of a Victorian era woman that I cut from the Belles Dames Francais image book and covered it with ICE Resin. 

I embellished the piece with some chain and vintage jewels
and wire wrapped a skeleton key to it.

I used two styles of vintage chain to add some interest to the piece.

I made a hook clasp from copper wire. The keyhole piece that I cut out at the beginning of the project became the perfect closure once I punched a hole in it.

It was fun creating with the Spellbinders products. I've created a few more projects but I will have to wait awhile longer to share them.

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