Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dressed Up Pearls - part three of a Girl and her SHOES series!

Welcome to part three of "a Girl and her SHOES" series. If you missed the original post, you may want to check it out here to see what inspired this series.

Wow! It's almost the end of October and the holiday season is soon to arrive. One of my favorite bonuses of the holidays has to be the parties!! I look forward to slipping on my favorite black cocktail dress and fancying up my hair. Yep, dressing up is just plain fun!

So what about the plain-jane strand of faux pearls I inherited from my Grandma?
I decided it could benefit from a little dressing up too!

The shoes. Just a fairly average pair of sandals that I picked up for next to nothing at the thrift store but I was attracted to the leather flowers and knew they had potential.

I already had the vintage faux pearl necklace. It was not perfect;
it was missing a strand but I used it anyway! I love the vintage clasp.

This make over could not have been any easier. I just cut the flowers off the shoes,
glued them together in a row, glued earrings (from my stash that I never wear)
at each flower center and then wired the entire piece to the pearl strands.
They can be removed at any time...nothing permanent.

Grandma wouldn't recognize her pearls - they're all dressed up and ready for the party!

I hope you will return and check out the next shoe redoux in my "a Girl and her SHOES" series!


  1. Another great makeover!! Two questions...Do you have any shoes left in your closet? And, are Rick's shoes safe?

  2. So cute jewelry! thanks for sharing.

  3. What an eye you have! Love your stuff. I have spent an hour just looking at your different creations You are very talented and inspiring!


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