Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biker Chic - part four of a Girl and her SHOES series!

Welcome to part four of  "a Girl and her SHOES" series. If you missed the original post, you may want to check it out here to see what inspired this series.

Perhaps it is from growing up with three older brothers, but I have to admit...I do have a little bit of bad girl in me! A pair of leather studded boots adorned with buckles are my go-to winter shoes, so of course I would want the same in my jewelry!

Today my shoe makeovers are going Biker Chic!

 The shoes. A thrifted pair of clogs with cool studded straps and rings.
Not my size but those straps were definitely Biker Chic material!

Crystal Biker Chic

 I used the strap from one of the shoes to make Crystal Biker Chic. I cut one of the strips away from the strap so that I would have three strips. I attached a ring to the end of one of the strips and hung a couple of crystal nuggets from it. The last step was to attach a small ring to each remaining strap and add a copper chain and handmade hook clasp.

 Pearl Biker Chic

 I used the strap from the second shoe to make Pearl Biker Chic.  I cut two
of the strips away from the strap. I wired on green freshwater pearls and
finished it with a copper chain and a handmade hook clasp.

Crystals and pearls...a little bit good. Studded leather...a little bit bad. A perfect combination for any biker chick!

Confession: The closest thing I have to a bike is... well, a bicycle but I still love leather!

I have two more shoe-to-jewelry reveals to go. I hope you will return to see them.



  1. I would never think of using shoes this way...makes me look at things differently!

  2. Hi, from your newest google follower, I love the idea of re-using things, I love upcycling! Karima

  3. I've seen your bike and I don't think it really qualifies you as a biker chic! Great necklaces, though!

  4. I had to write & tell you I loved these "Shoes to Jewels" in Jewelry Affaire, great work!!! All of the magazines you are published in are my absolute FAVS! Keep up the great work :)


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