Monday, July 16, 2012

A Creation from Friendships

Quite a while back my friend, Cathy from Ma Vie Trouvee posted about winning a "workbench stash" from Linda at Objects & Elements. Cathy had pictures of some of the items and talked about how she might design with them. There was an awesome metal disk with a "K" on it and she talked about covering up the "K". Of course, with my name being Kathy with a "K", I jokingly commented to Cathy with a "C" that I personally loved the "K". Cathy immediately emailed me and said she wanted to send me the piece. Really?! How lucky was I?! A few days later I received the piece along with some other fun trinkets all wrapped up in these super cute packages.

 As luck would have it a couple of weeks later
I won a "workbench stash" from Linda.

I combined the "K" with some of the stash goodies
and came up with a fun "Creation from Friendships".
(The only items I supplied were the neck cord and copper wire.)

I attached the "K" to a strip of metal with rivets. I drilled holes in the top and attached a metal spring. I drilled another hole at the bottom to attach a couple of dangling pieces.

I'm so happy with the way this piece turned out.
Thank you Cathy and Linda 
for providing great inspirational items
and especially for your generosity!

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  1. Another great piece and how fun to have all of that neat stuff to work with! You definitely have an eye of turning "junk" into beautiful things!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I am Cathy's sister-in-law. I had fun reading about the exchange and seeing the piece you created. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love it! Are you keeping it?

  4. I knew you would make an amazing piece with the "K"! You inspire me so!!! So much fun sharing with blog-land friends!!!

  5. Great necklace! Even more lovely in person!!! :-)

  6. The most i like is the fact that you renew such unuseful at first glance details and give them a new life in such wonderful and original jewelries. Love simple things done with love!


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