Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Heating Up! Step 6 - JA project for June

Yes, I've fallen off the wagon a little bit. My last project of my JA (Jewel-aholics Anonymous) 12-step program was March.
I completely missed April and May but I'm back at it with June.
You can find my original challenge to myself here.

It's been chilly and rainy the last few days so I'm trying to give the sizzlin' summer weather a boost with a series of necklaces I'm calling, "It's Heating Up!"

Notice the center?

 I've been picking up these needle and dial type thermometers at thrift stores for the past few months. They're super inexpensive - I never pay more than a dollar for them.

To make the necklace above, I chose a thermometer
and a vintage pin that I could use as a surround.

I did a Google search to make sure it was safe to cut the stem off - I certainly didn't want any hazardous substance or dangerous liquid oozing out. I found out that the dial and needle style of thermometers are just two different metals that heat at different rates to cause pressure on a spring which in turn causes the needle to move.
Bottom line - safe to cut! I used a jeweler's saw.
(The thermometer pictured is a much larger one than the one for the necklace.)

I hammered the center of the pin a bit to create a bigger well for the thermometer to sit in and then used an epoxy glue to secure the thermometer at the center of the pin. (I applied the glue pretty thick to make sure it would hold well.)

Once that was cured, I glued a small length of chain around the edge to cover the glue. I also placed a small rhinestone at the center bottom. Once that cured I wired the chain together where they met to secure and attached small rhinestones to the tails.

I drilled holes at the top and attached a handcrafted chain from dark annealed steel wire, glass beads and a couple of small vintage jewelry pieces. Finally, I added a strip of muslin and some purchased chain and finished it off with a handcrafted hook clasp. To learn how to make a link and a clasp, check out my tutorials.

Here is a look at another necklace I made for my
"It's Heating Up" series.

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My thermometer necklaces were featured at Knick of Time



  1. Kathy, what a clever idea! Both necklaces are gorgeous, and I love that you shared your process with us. :)

  2. A very clever idea! Who knew these thermometers could be so gorgeous! It's hot, hot, and hot here and we are in serious need of rain and a cool day. I'm off to see the previous JA projects.

  3. SSSzzzzz! It's definitely a sizzlin' specimen of spectacular-ness! So creative. I love both of them. You continually amaze me -- would've NEVER thought of those kind of thermometers for jewelry.
    Thanks so much for linking up and wow-ing us, Kathy!
    <3 Christina

  4. That is so darling. How did you ever think of that? I must say that you make hot jewelry!

  5. These are "sizzling" with creativity girl!! Love them!! xo

  6. Neat Idea,I like all these watches-an Integral part of your jewelry.This idea suits with our new trend of modern jewelry

  7. love these necklaces- so creative! I would never have thought to use a thermometer!!

  8. Awesome and very informative blog! Keep it up and more power to you!


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