Wednesday, October 3, 2012

POTION No. 9 - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial

Time for another tutorial in my "Charmed Halloween" series.


Supplies and Tools Needed:
Small plastic vial with lid
Apothecary images (I found mine at The Graphics Fairy)
Resin (I used ICE Resin)
24 gauge dark annealed steel wire 
5-6 tiny clear beads 
Brown ink pad (I used Staz-On)
Green glitter
Green food coloring
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Wire cutters
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Needle tool

1. Size the graphic to fit the vial and print. I added the words "Potion No. 9" and "drink if you dare".

 2. Cut the label and words out. Use the Modge Podge to glue the words onto the label so that the skull still shows. Let dry. Rub the label with the brown ink to age it. Wrap the label around the vial and glue into place.

3. Use the round-nose pliers to make a tiny loop at one end of a piece of wire. Add a bead and then use the pliers to make a curvy bend into the wire above the bead. Repeat with 4-5 more beads. Use the needle tool to poke a hole in the lid.

 4. Insert the beaded end of the wire into the vial. Place the cap back on with the wire end extending up through the hole in the lid. Make a wrapped loop at the top. (Find out how to make a wrapped loop here)


5. Remove the lid from the vial.


6. Mix the resin according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add a drop of food coloring and some glitter and stir.

7. Pour the resin into the vial to fill (make sure to leave a little space at the top so it doesn't overflow once the lid is replaced). Replace the lid. Let cure.

 For the Tag:

Remove the string from a small mailing tag. Use Modge Podge to glue an image collage to one side of it. Let dry. Repeat for the other side. Once dried, rub with brown ink to age the images. Use the string to tie the charm onto the tag.

 Front of Tag

Back of Tag

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Be sure to return in a couple of days for the next tutorial
in my "Charmed Halloween" series!

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  1. Very cute Kathy thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great tutorials, Kathy!!! I only made one design for the charm swap, so didn't take photos along the way for a bad!

    Can't wait to see the creative-ness of them all. Also, I finally posted the Volume 1 e-book giveaway on my blog...I'll post Volume 2 hop, maybe? That was a GREAT idea!


  3. hi kathy, your explanation for doing "Charmed Halloween" series was good.

    Thank for such nice post.

  4. So darn cute Kathy! I think even I could make this... TFS!:)


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