Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Wanna Be Edward's Girl!

Edward Scissorhands!
Really, what girl watched that movie and did not
fall in love with Edward (Johnny Depp)?
Who wouldn't wanna be Edward's girl for Halloween?!

Thanks to my awesome costume creating son, Brandon,
I already had the coolest part of the costume right at my fingertips
or maybe I should say "scissortips"!

You can take a look at Brandon's
more authentic version of Edward here.


Brandon let me use the super cool scissorhands he made by cutting scissor shapes from thin wood, painting them and attaching them to black leather gloves. Oh, I should mention the coolest part about them... he attached all the scissors to a working mechanism so that he could actually move them (together or individually) with his that's amazing!

Brandon's clever belt system thingy looked great over my $2.99 thrift store shirt. Just for fun I added a few slashes around the collar - those scissorshands can be dangerous! Throw in a $9.99 thrifted black leather skirt and the outfit is almost finished!

This is a girly version of Edward so, of course, a few accessories were called for! I created a necklace/pendant featuring my "boyfriend" Edward from a $1.00 thrifted silver belt. I attached what was leftover from that same belt to a black headband to add a little "Edward-ish" bling into my hair. I wrapped a couple of thrifted belts around my boots to amp them up a bit and the outfit was completed!

 Just a quick haircut before I head out to the party!

Brandon has won many costume contests and his scissorhands proved to be a huge success once again as I was the big winner at my Bunko group! The prize was a case of tennis balls, which among my bunko/tennis playing friends was a very coveted prize!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! That is fabulous! You sure win my vote for best costume EVER! Yep...totally fell in love with Johnny Depp!

  2. That's awesome! You look great in that costume and I love your thrift shop finds that finish it off.

  3. Omygosh!!! This is awesome!! Every little detail,like the Edward Locket is sooooo very cool!!!!!xoxoxo

  4. LOVE IT - you look awesome! What a fun creative costume!! The locket cracked me up.

  5. You look MARVELOUS ! Bravo to Brandon for his creativity. I think I know where he gets it ;) You're starring over at my place tonight. Thanks so much for linking up! Happy Halloween!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  6. Awesome costume!!!!! Great scissor hands!

  7. that is so stinking fablous. like, ridiculously so!


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