Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brown & Green Apron Tutorial

Another apron tutorial!

 This is the last of the three aprons I made to wear to Terri Brush's Art Camp. You can find a tutorial for my Denim Prairie apron here and one for my Black & White Apron here.

Life before apron
A thrifted blouse with interesting bodice detail
 and a lined skirt with pockets.
Each $2.50

Step 1 - Cut the sleeves away from the blouse. Cut the back away making sure to leave some fabric around the back of the neck. Cut off the lower portion of the blouse front.

Finish the lower edge with a rolled hem.

Confession time... I had not planned on this next step. My plan was to keep the front of the skirt in tact but I accidentally started cutting in the wrong place. Oops! So I just came up with a new (secret) idea...more on that in step 5!

Step 2 - Make two cuts in the front of the skirt.

Finish the edges with a top-stitched rolled hem.

Fold the waist band over so that the edges of the middle panel line up with the edges of the side panels and stitch to secure.

Inside view

Outside view

Step 3 - Cut the back of the skirt away at the side seam and along the waistband. Finish the side edge with a rolled hem.

Step 4 - Cut the sleeves to use to accent the pockets. (like the one on the left of the photo)

 Pin the sleeve in place inside the pocket.

Turn the pocket inside out and stitch the sleeve into place.

Trim the excess fabric and zigzag the edges.

Finished pocket close-up

Step 5 - Pin the upper third and the lower third portions of the top-stitched edges to overlap.

Pin the lining fabric to keep it from shifting.

 Stitch through both fabric layers along the seams in the pinned areas and along the bottom edge of the lining between the seams. (It's difficult to see the stitching in the photo)

 This creates a secret pocket!
If I make a quick trip to the craft store,
I'll have a place to stash money!

Step 6 - Pin the bodice in place on the skirt and pin the sides and neck of the bodice under to form the bib. 

Unpin the bib from the skirt and trim the edges.

 Finish the edges with a rolled hem.

Pin the bib to the skirt.

Stitch the bib in place.

Step 7 - Cut a rectangle from the front button section of the unused bodice (the portion that was cut away in step 1). Fold all the edges under and stitch.

 Stitch it to the end of a waistband section.

 Sew velcro to the end of each waistband section for a closure.

Step 8 - Gather the bib straps and hand sew a strip of the skirt fabric over the gathers. Replace the brown buttons with green ones.

 I'm not sure which of my three art camp aprons I like best.

This one...

Or maybe this one...

 And then again, this one is pretty cute too!


  1. Another great tutorial! I think they are all cute, but I'm a sucker for black and white, so I would have to say that it's my favorite. Nice how you took an "oops" moment (I've had several of those!) and turned it into a handy feature! I'm sure you'll be the envy of all at art camp...have fun!!

  2. What a fantastic use of some old clothes! I love this idea, thanks so much. I pinned it!

  3. Really cute and cool that it's repurposed clothing! I wish I could sew.... :)


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