Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Creations

It seems like lately all I have been finding time for
are vacations and tennis. I'm not complaining at all...
I'm pretty happy with both those activities! :)

I did, however, manage to create
two new necklaces that I'm excited about.

I liked them so much that I submitted them to teach at an art retreat. It will be a few weeks before I know if  I'm accepted. In the meanwhile my fingers (and maybe even my toes) will remain crossed!!

What do you think...Would you want to
learn how to make these necklaces?



  1. Yes!
    They are both lovely!
    Copper is my (insert Okie accent here) my thang.

  2. Gorgeous!!! Who would want to learn how to make either of them? They are really beautiful. Good luck!!!

  3. They'd be crazy not to have you teach!! I think they're both wonderful, but I think I like the first one the best. I'm glad you've been having fun with vacations, tennis, and creating!

  4. I love the first one and would definetely love to learn ot make it

  5. They are both stunning, really love the second one - the wire swirls are gorgeous! Good luck, hope you get accepted!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  6. Your necklaces are gorgeous, and yes, they would be perfect for a class. I'm partial to the first one.

  7. Gorgeous Art Sister!! Keeping fingers crossed for the Art Retreat...I just know they are going to love love love them!! xoxo

  8. They are both very original. The first one is a show-stopper! Absolutely makes me want to get out my copper and hammer =)

  9. Wow, wow, wow! I am twitterpated with that circles one.

  10. Stunning, Kathy! Who wouldn't want to know how to do that? You are so talented!

  11. Absolutely! Will you be coming to Singapore to teach? : )

  12. Gorgeous collection you have posted. Thanks for sharing.

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