Sunday, May 20, 2012

Enhancing and Protecting a Rusted Metal Patina

I love using metals with rusted patinas in my jewelry designs.
If I can't find rusted metal, I'll create my own.

A steel washer that I rusted, stamped and hammered is the focal piece in this necklace that I designed for an ICE Resin® Technique Tuesday Video that recently aired on the ICE Resin blog.

In the video I share with you how to enhance the color of a rusted piece of metal and how to protect the finish

Rusty washers also make interesting connector pieces. I used them in this same necklace to attach the leather neckband to the copper chain.

I finished the chain with a handmade copper hook and eye clasp. You can learn how to make your own hook and eye clasp from my tutorial.

My necklace made from rusty washers, a rusty piece of metal measuring tape, and a couple of rusty nails may not be for everyone but it suits me perfectly and it certainly is unique!



  1. What a gorgeous necklace! I love the idea of using resin to preserve a finish. I want to try this with some copper pieces at some point -- it'll protect my allergic skin, too!

  2. Thank you for all of your beautiful ideas and for sharing your knowledge with us. I wanted to honor you with a Liebster Award. Please check for more details, and thanks again!


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